Луксозни апартаменти Хотел Туинс Палас - Св. Св. Константин и Елена Luxury apartments Twins Palace Hotel - St. Constantine and Elena - Varna Luxus-Appartements Twins Palace Hotel - St. Konstantin und Elena - Varna Роскошные апартаменты - Twins Palace Hotel - Св. Константин и Елена - Варна

Works year round in the hotel spa, which offers a variety of procedures:

- sauna sauna is a dry heat source.
Causes relaxing granting body and the effect of restoration and rejuvenation.

- Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi with warm water, which relieves pain in joints, relieving the stress and leads to relaxation of the body.

- Appliance celutron reproducing niskochistoten current, which aims stimulatsionen passage of current through a fixed place to level muscle.

- Classic massage Soothes and tones muscles, helps circulation of blood and lymph, relieving the waste products of metabolism, skin and stimulates the release of hormones, relieve much of the negative energy accumulated from the daily stress and tension.

- Classic aromatherapy body massage with aromatic oils. True anti-stress therapy, which removes tension and muscle spasms, and relieves, soothes and relaxes, and the skin remains moisturized and smooth.

- Anti-cellulite massage is used to remove a layer of subcutaneous fat accumulated in the form of orange cellulite formations. The method has enhanced cosmetic effect. Performed using special techniques and essential oils. The most popular method of treatment for cellulite is a manual massage.

- Nuga best Nuga best rehabilitation equipment is for relaxation, prevention and treatment of spinal pain, radiculitis, bones and joints, scoliosis, cardio - vascular system and nervous system.

The guests of the hotel are exterior and interior Jacuzzi.

Each chosen calm of the hotel complex "Twins palace" over five nights bonus-free use of one proceeding spa / sauna, jacuzzi, celutron /. Sauna Massage Jacuzzi Sauna Shower Nuga best

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